Waves On Shore Cafe - RF11

We [ WHOISIN, red. ] were given the opportunity to construct a bar and seating situation for the guests by the lake at the Roskilde Festival 2011.

The project is an experiment in seating arrangements. It springs from observations done a numerous festivals. The seating situation at festivals seams to be handled by building linear furniture as little objects in their own right placed with a distance too fare in-between for people to communicate with each other. In order to sit together and not on the ground, people have to arrange themselves in a row. When sitting in this manner, communication between the first and forth person get really minimum and almost impossible, now you have to rearrange your position in order to communicate. Why is the design like this?

We wanted to create a wealth of seating possibilities, for the guest to utilize in every imaginary way. Sitting in circles and across from one and another; sitting on a surface or with your legs dangling from the structure; sitting with your back against the wave or laying flat on the structure; use it as a table or even a chair and table. We presented people with structures recognizable to them as seating opportunities, but they were free to play with it.

The deal with Roskilde was that the structure were to be reused for three years. So it is constructed with a built in memory. As it perform at Roskilde11 it gathers information on the configuration, how do people react to it, where do they sit, what do they do, etc. information that can be utilized for the Roskilde12-structure.

The structure is made from different elements. These can be reconfigured as long as everything is dividable by 400mm. The guests will be able to recognize the element of the wave, but the overall configuration can change drastically.

This is when temporary architecture makes sense, it becomes an archive of behavioural information, it gives back. Too often temporary architecture is not been taking serious, this I would like to change.

WHOISIN - WAVES ON SHORE - ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2011 from Mathias Døcker on Vimeo.