The Break


A day has a rhythm, sunlight has a rhythm, a festival has a rhythm, once in awhile the guests need a break. We have created the opportunity to enjoy these breaks throughout the day.

the BREAK is designed for the world’s first CO2 neutral festival, CO2PENHAGEN, in August 2009. We have investigated the festival from a human point of view, to locate the nature of the festival, find its rhythm. From the outside a festival seems to be a great chaotic mesh of events and experiences, but there is a general structure to a festival. A festival turns for the calm to the festive, an odyssey where the guests navigates in between events, installations and music. This will from time to time leave the guests feeling full, full of physical, mental, visual and audio experiences. The guests need a place to relax, to recharge the human batteries. When the guests get the needed break he or she will get a better festival experience, and give more to the festival, thereby all the guests contribute to an even better festival experience.


The needed break is from four basic elements, physical, mental, audio and/or visual exhaustion.

Given the festival has its rhythm the break will change throughout the day. the BREAK is designed to be part of the festival rhythm, leaving the guests with a new experience every time the BREAK is visited. We analyzed the different states of mind the guest will go through within a festival-day and adapted both space and sunlight for the optimum break at any given time of day. Given the trajectory of the sun, we had to optimize the BREAK not only for different states of mind but also from different angles of incidence and intensity of the sun. This came to make space and sunlight two inseparable factors in the BREAK.


If you do not feel well you cannot be all you can be, neither for others nor yourself.

When sustainable design is discussed the main topic is often the ecological footprint. The discussion turns to technical solutions and hard economics. the BREAK represents our interpretation of what sustainable design is all about, the users and their everyday life. Without the BREAK the guest’s day will be incoherent, but because we offer the desired break, the guest will gain more from the festival experience. In essence this means the guest will get a better day personally and with the people around him or her, the very core of sustainable design.


A collaboration with: Andreas Cuadros Ellitsgaard & Henrik Kammer Ulsfort

SITEPLAN The site was a part of the CO2PENHAGEN FESTIVAL to be held at the DTU, Lyngby, DK.
MOVEABLE The BREAK is design as a mobil pavilion. It can be broken in to moduels and fit in two containers, its travelling cases, and go to all the major festivals in europe by truck or all over the world by ship
MORNING The sunlight enters the BREAK as reflections between the shields and becomes diffuse. It softly warps the guests who are floating on large beanbags. The white shield takes a slight meditative orange color from the bluish morning light reflection on the orange base.
NOON The sun is placed high above the BREAK. The shield has gradually been elevating supplying an increasing visual contact to the surroundings and protection from the sun, making the slopping hill a shadow-zone. Aart’s loops invite people to gather in circular modules. A social break from the festival, not apart from the festival.
EVENING The shield is projecting the last rays of sunlight into the BREAK, giving the guests an intensified experience of the sunset. The reddish color of the sunlight reflects on the orange base, this makes the BREAK a warm glowing place to come together.
NIGHT Throughout the day, the top of the BREAK has been exposed to the sun, now it becomes a heated last resort for the late night guests. They can sit close together, sharing the last heat, lean back and feel the moon and the stars pull them towards the sky.