A spiral; a simple structure, a line curved around itself, inclosing a space while opening up to another. Inherent in the spiral is difference, the possibilities for a multitude of space, of spatial experiences. Following the line brings you to the centre of the structure and out again, without back tracking your path, moving trough the various spatial conditions. These spaces have their own character, personality, they emphasizes different qualities and call upon you at different moods and mindsets throughout the day.

I are curious as to how we sit in the public space - to sit; to sit alone, to sit together. This is an investigation into the act of sitting. The steps are made intentional deep, to give the user the possibility of sitting out on the edge, calm while others can walk by your bag or sit deep in against the backrest feet up, or perpendicular to the backrest, cross-legged.

The ‘outer’ ring consists of three half meter steps, facing the square, encouraging interaction, of an active or passive nature; at times it even acted as spectator stands. Climbing into the structure the highest step vanishes in the transition from outside to inside, while keeping the high of the backrest. Here the atmosphere is more calm, intimate, a group can have a discussion, you can lean back and admire the beautiful old cathedral or you can bring that special one and vanish in each others eyes.

The structure is more like a construction of a house - wall, ledge, balcony, facade - than a furniture. Six standard types of sandwich-elements, made from small timber, was mass-produced as the load-bearing structure. These elements brings fourth the beauty of structure, they are easy to read as structure, to decode how they work. They seem both heavy and sturdy but also light and flexible. These elements are covered by a ‘facade’ of wooden lamellas. The play of these, dissolves the mass of the structure, adding transparency to it. Illuminated, the gaps let light transcend the structure, highlighting and hidding it. This makes for an almost floating structure.

This project was done as a WHOISIN collaboration.

sittingHIDDENsitting from Troels Steenholdt Heiredal on Vimeo.

Collage; model and computer drawing.
on a tuesday. Students from AAA made a photo record of the project through from twelve to twelve on a tuesday.