Plastic Lung; NF11

In a small forest like spot at the Norberg Festival a little white cube, almost like a japaness teahouse marks the entrance to 'Plastic Lung', an enclosed space carved from the forest by a thin plastic membrane. It is purely space, the effect of nothingness in motion.

The weather and context had great effect on the structure; a sudden blow of wind and the space halves, the high humidity of the cool night air lowers the roof of the structure which rises again in the midday as the sun heats the contrapped air. All this movement fluxes in the open space of the trees, the plastic and the branches do little dances, and it all become a play of light. Light passing through the treetops and plastic in numerous way, creating a spectacle of light.

In here you can have a break from the festival; not apart from the festival. You can get the feeling of seclusion, privacy, the festival becomes a blurry tapestry on the surrounding plastic. It feels fare away, but is always present. This duality is also represented in the very structure, in the relationship between the very static calm simple white box and the organic, lively, fragile plastic space.

This project was done as a WHOISIN collaboration.