Plastic Heart; NF10

Plastic heart's design objective was to create a light source to a otherwise dark night and a new spatial dimension to the Norberg festival. It has an inherent duality to it, inside outside; day night; soft strong; exposed concealed; these conditions is contained side by side in the pavilion itself, and act at different times.

It gives back to the festival by offering a quiet sanctuary in the middle of the festival. Inside plastic heart you will get a new view on the festival, concealed on all sides by plastic, a diffuse view to the outside, suspended over the ground, with a clear view to the sky above your head and a new framing of Mimer [the mine].

At night plastic heart is lit from the inside, showing the strings of the construction, and providing a point of reference to the festival site.

Plastic heart is a light weight construction, an aluminum frame supports a tape web. The rolls of tape, 160, take up very little space when transported to the site, which was of the highest priority, but once at the site and knitted it will provided a large volume.

The project was done as a WHOISIN collaboration.