Phase 04 The Model


Throughout the project I have build experience, which have materialized as drawings, models, photos, words etc. As a part of the process of making this model, earlier model, drawings, photos, words, visited me in the workshop. They informed the model of ways to create or connect space, what a wall can do, how it can bend and curve and by translucent. The models and I started to engage in conversation, we searched for spatial possibilities. We started to dans, to challenge each other. Due to the size and structure, I couldn't just pick it up and turn it in the light, I had to turn and to wait for the light. The model and my body started to build a common understanding of the condition, they worked together to create this realm of space.

When juxtaposed these experiences become an ensemble of architectural possibilities. They transform the model into an archive and a testing vessel for the project.

THIS IS NOT A NEW CITY. Model; wood, metal, plastic, plaster, cardboard; 1:20 [ 2400 x 2200 x 1100 mm ]