Invisible Cities

In my practice as a photographer and architect, I’ve found a way to collect the city that captures its tangible and atmospheric elements. A City is not just the Landmarks or the Buildings, or its bridges, elevated train lines, bodegas, museums, bars, laundromats, parks, waterfronts, and squares—it is mostly the spaces in-between. Using a 35mm film camera, I shoot a complete roll of color film. Rather than develop it, however, I rewind it and shoot on top of the already exposed film. This process is repeated numerous times, leaving the film saturated with impressions of the city that inspire us to search for our own personal City within.

Prints are available, if you are interested please send me an email

Suspended Cities I / New York City, 2013
Cities & Memory I / Toftlund, 2013
Trading Cities II / Mexico City, 2016
Cities & Paths I / Venice, 2014
Cities & Writing II / Medellín, 2014
Cities & the Sky III / Paris, 2019
Cities & the Sky II / Honolulu, 2018
Cities & Eyes II / Aarhus, 2013
Cities & Balconies I / Buenos Aries, 2018
Trading Cities III / Albany, 2014
Cities & Paths II / Copenhagen, 2013
Cities & Desire II / Washington DC, 2019
Cities & Writing III / Montreal, 2019
Cities & Light IV / Philadelphia, 2014
Cities & Signs V / Providence, 2014
Suspended Cities II / Chicago, 2015
Cities & Desire VI / Newburgh, 2013