The project springs from an observation of every day life at Aarhus school of architecture. The student have by their movement round the school campus created a new pathway between the exhibition and main auditorium building and the studios across the road. But during rainfall, this pathway turned into a mudway, very hard to use by the students and the rest of the citizens of Aarhus.

The wood retrieved for this project is re-use, it is left over to be thrown away wood, from a construction site on the schools campus. Mudwalk solves two problems, it helps the construction workers get rid of excess wood and keep the mud of the people of Aarhus.

Mudwalk is made in a herringbone pattern, it cuts through the bushes and by the end, it stretches to create a small platform for people to wait for the cars to pass by, before crossing the street. The approach developed in this project, is guerrilla architecture, where the people of the city fix the small problems, and thus by making it a better city to live in. A true city should be marked by its citizens.

This project was done as a WHOISIN collaboration.

The winter of 2010 destroyed the street end of mudwalk. It was rebuild with reused wood, from another WHOISIN project.