ILOVIT Theater

Going to the movies is a known activity, your body knows it. You enter a black box, sit down, light is projected over you head to a screen to form a movie, a take on the world outside, movies are in a way projected realities. When the movie is over, there is no more, the black box is now just an empty box.

Movies are light projected across space manifesting itself on a vertical surface. I wanted to play with the role of the projection, of the light that enters the space.

A projector is placed in the back of the theatre projecting digital rays of light onto a white painted surface hanging from the ceiling. Behind this surface a small hole was cut and fitted with a lens. When the movies was over the projection surface was moved to cover the projector hole and now the reflected rays of sunlight enter the space to show the world up side down on the screen. The theater becomes a camera.

The movie theatre was a part of ILOVIT, curated by Jeppe Hein at Copenhagen Art Festival, FALL2012.

Concept Sketch plan
The lens; projecting the world into the theatre
Movie projection
The world outside; camera obscura