mirror mirror mirror

I created these three small mirror-animals as an investigation into observation and survalliance. London is well known for the constant surveillance by the CCTV, the cameras are very present in the street. Could buildings become an instrument for viewing, solely by their physical relation in space and the cladding of the facade? Somehow they could bend space.

The mirror-animals are highly adaptable to their surroundings. their legs extend, their feet are attached by strings, which enables them to rotate freely and the mirror tilts.

The three mirror-animals was places at the roofs adjacent to my studio, and aligned so that they gave me a view of a door in the next courtyard. I was now able to see whom came and went to the cantina and library. But at a visit to the location I was surveilling, I noticed, that if minding your surroundings, everyone could now watch me, I had to go back and work harder, since I now was under constant surveillance.

This is a part of the Borough Market project.

Drawing; computer. Elevations and iso.
Drawing, computer. A diagram of the principal idea.
The placement of the three mirror-animals; my studio is to the left, outside the picture frame.
A view from the door to the studio.
A vies from the studio to the door.
FOOT. The close up shows how the leg is attached to the foot by a string looped through the two at three points. This enable the mirror-animal to place the foot flat on most grounds, allowing for better footing.
The hold up a mirror in front of the world. The mirror-animal hides behind the mirror, this makes them invisible to the passers by. The mirror takes an adjacent piece of city fabric and shows it infront of the context in which it stands. Here strange juxtaposition can arise when squares of otherness puts up.