While living for two years on the border of LIC & Sunnyside, you feel the pressure of the new high rise development.

During the spring of 2016 we began working on a collaborative installation based on various construction sites in Long Island City within walking distance from our home. We sought out construction sites that were pouring concrete and asked if we could gather a bucket of wet concrete to pour into make-shift forms at the edge of the construction site. The form-works were made out of materials in the immediate surroundings: a plastic bag, a stone, the wooden barrier, the curb, a light post. The result was a series of small-scale concrete objects that were imprints of the site during a particular moment and place in Long Island City’s development.

Each site that we cast concrete forms from has been photographed and mapped out–photographs that correspond with the concrete casts are placed in relation to them. Our miniature cast objects act as an observation and comment on the development of contemporary LIC, while as an installation they present unique concrete figures, each with its own gesture and posture that begin to build relationships amongst one another.

Collaboration with Alva Mooses