”Creating new circuits in art means creating them in the brain too....the brain’s a spatio-temporal volume: it's up to art to trace through in the new paths open to us today”

Gilles Deleuze Negotiations


We have a body. We are a body. With this body we relate to the world. In this body we move around in the world. I'm interested in this relationship between, being a body, having a body and moving it around in the world.

I'm investigating the concept of body knowledge, I believe that my body knows much more than I about spatial relations, this becomes the focal- and starting point for my work. The bodies with the build project but also the body creating the project. So I draw in many different ways, scales, sizes and places. I relate my drawing to my body, throughout this I hope to come upon new spatial relationships and revelations.

I have given lectures at DTU and for unges laboatratorier for kunst [ youth laboratories for the arts ] at the National Gallery of Denmark.