Troels Steenholdt Heiredal addresses issues of time, geographies,

spatial production, and representation.

Working in various mediums and locations, he explores aspects of

serendipity and emblematic effects of place.

Troels makes us question the relationship we build to our daily

surroundings by drawing out the inner geographies that our

spatial experiences build in us. Superimposing collections of

places, spaces, and colors on film evokes unexpected connections

between distinct geographies and shows that conventionally

defined 2D mediums, such as drawing and photography, can be

a practice of sculpting in time and space.

Looking beyond the immediate becomes a way of re-stitching

the constellations of the matter that make up our environment.

Mixing media and form, the hand is always a key focal point

of the work, not only in drawing and building, but also in

seeing, writing, experiencing. The hands-on approach of

submerging into the matter and absorbing it with the skin

allows for Troels’ aesthetic idiosyncrasies to be exposed

and observed in the work.

Troels holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

from The Technical University of Denmark and a Master of Arts

in Architecture from The Aarhus School of Architecture.

Troels has exhibited, been published, and has lectured on his

work domestically and internationally. He is a founding fellow at

Arts Letters & Numbers and an invited guest critic at

Cornell University, RISD, and The Cooper Union.